Step:1 In Files, click Disk Space Usage icon.
Step:2 In Disk Space Usage window, you can see how much storage space is being used by each directory and sub-directory in your account.
Step:3 Scroll down to see entire list of directories.
Step:4 In Current depth:2 select Show File Sizes as bytes option to see more detail in Delete Selected Combo box.
Step:5 All the file sizes have been converted from megabytes to bytes.
Step:6 Now click the Increase Depth button.
Step:7 Now click the Decrease Depth button.
Step:8 Now click Show Top Level option in the combo box.
Step:9 Now click Increase Depth button.
Step:10 As you can see, there are numerous ways to view the amount of storage space being used by your directories.
Step:11 This is useful in determining which directories are using the most storage space.
Step:12 Go to Home
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