Step:1 In Advanced, click Frontpage Extensions icon
Step:2 Please note that FrontPage extensions should only be installed if you are using Microsoft’s frontPage to build your website.
Step:3 If you are not using Front page, then do not install the FrontPage extensions.
Step:4 Let us assume we are using FrontPage, and need the extensions installed… you can see here that FrontPage extensions are not currently installed in this account.
Step:5 Let’s go ahead and install them click the Install Extensions button.
Step:6 That’s it. FrontPage extensions have been installed, so we can now publish our website to this hosting account using FrontPage.
Step:7 Click Go Back link
Step:8 As you can see here, FrontPage extensionshave been installed for the main domain, but not the subdomain.
Step:9 Extensions would have to be installed separately for any subdomains or addon domains by clicking Install Extensions in sub domains.
Step:10 Now let’s uninstall the Front Page extensions by clicking the Uninstall Extensions button.
Step:11 The extensions have now been removed from this account.
Step:12 Go to home.
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