Step:1 In Logs box, select Raw Access Logs.
Step:2 This is where you tell the system how to manage the Raw Log Files that are generated daily for your account.
Step:3 you can tell the system to archieve logs every month and you can also have the previous months logs removed at the end of each month.
Step:4 Let’s  go ahead and tell the system to archieve logs every month. Click the corresponding check box and then click the save button.
Step:5 The new settings have been saved. Now the raw access logs will be archieved at the end of every month, in the home directory.
Step:6 Click the Go Back and Scroll down.
Step:7 There You find a list of all available Raw Access Logs that you can download, and use in your favorite statistics program for analysis under DOMAIN.
Step:8 In that click any one domain for eg. link
Step:9 In that window click ok to download these logs.
Step:10 That’s it. You have now downloaded the Raw Access Logs and can open them in a statistics program for further analysis.
Step:11 Go to Home.
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