step:1 scroll the phpMYSqlAdmin icon.
step:2 the phpMyAdmin main screen will be displayed.
step:3 there are currently no tables in this databases,as indicated here.
step:4 we can create a new table here…but we are not going to to that now.
step:5 click the SQL link and then click Browse so we can search for a databases to upload.
step:6 lets upload the test.sql database we have already saved.
step:7 to complete the upload click ok link.
step:8 we have successfully uploaded a database called test.sql,which has a table called table1 in it.
step:9 click on table1.on this page you can see all the details of table1 within the database test.sql.
step:10 now lets learn how to save the table1 table to our personal computer.
step:11 click the export link. scroll down..
step:12 select the save as file check box.
step:13 then click save and then click save.
step:14 we have just saved table 1.then click close.
step:15 if at any time you want help with using PHPMyAdmin or MySQL,click on one of these help link.
step:16 click the exit button.we have successfully signed out fo phpMyAdmin.
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