step:1 Before you can login to cPanel, you must open your internet browser.
step:2 click on the browsers address bar, and enter the http address of cPanel.
step:3 the address of your cpanel would have been given to you in your welcome email.there are two ways to login to cPanel.
1.using an IP address the only way to access cPanel if your domain hasn’t propogated yet.
2.using your domain name can only do this once your domain name is working.
step:4 for the purposes of this tutorial, we’re going to use the IP address method.
step:5 type in the cpanel address given to you in your welcome email.
step:6 click the GO button or press enter.
step:7 enter your username and password(as given to you in your welcome email)
step:8 click the ok can logged into cPanel,and can begin to setup email addresses,add-on domains,databases,shoping carts,and dozens of other features.
step:9 to logout of cPanel, click the logout icon here,or simply close your browser window.
step:10 Be sure to check out all our cPanel tutorials to learn how to use all the greater features of cPanel.
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