Step:1 In security box, select Password protect Directories
Step:2 We are going to password protect the /demo directory… Click the demo link in Password protect directories window.
Step:3 Select the check box to protect this directory with a password in Security settings.
Step:4 Now enter the name of the protected directories in Name the protected directory field and then click Save button.
Step:5 The directory is now protected, and requires a password to enter it via a browser.
Step:6 We must therefore create at least one user, and assign them a password to acccess the directory.
Step:7 Click the Go Back link.
Step:8 Under Create User,Enter a Username and password and then click Add/Modify authorized user.
Step:9 The protected directory now has one user who has access to it. Repeat this process for each additional user you want to grant access for.
Step:10 Click Go Back. In there you can now see the active user for this directory.
Step:11 You can return to that same screen at any time, to modify existing users, passwords, add more users or delete users.
Step:12 Let’s return to directory list.
Step:13 Click the Up one level link
Step:14 See the local box by the /demo directory? That indicate the directory is password protected.
Step:15 Go to home.
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