Step:1 In Mail box, click Email accounts icon.
Step:2 In Email account window, There is already a POP email account listed under the Default Email Account. It is the main POP account that every hosting account comes with. In this case,
Step:3 But we are not going to use that POP account. We are going to create a new POP account.
Step:4 Under Add a New Email Account, Enter the new Email Address and select the corresponding domain for which you want to create your POP email account. Also enter password and you can set a quota limit on this email account if you wish.
Step:5 Click the create button to create. If you want to configure the account to work with a mail client(Outlook, click Yes button or No button in Account created window.
Step:6 That’s it. You have created a new POP email account.
Step:7 Under Current Accounts, there is an Access Webmail under that there is an icon by using that We can check webmail.
Step:8 By click the Change Quota icon we can change the quota.
Step:9 By click Change PAssword, We can change the Email password.
Step:10 By click COnfigure mail Client account icon, We can configure a Mail client.
Step:11 By click Delete icon, we can delete the Email account.
Step:12 Depending upon the hosting plans, we can add more POP email accounts.
Step:13 Go to home.
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