Step:1 In Databases, click the MySQL Databases icon.
Step:2 Let’s a create a databse called mydata.
Step:3 Type the database name in New Database field. eg. mydata. and then click Create Database.
Step:4 The database have been created. We now need to create and add a user to this database.
Step:5 Click Go back.
Step:6 In MySQL Users especially in Add New User, Enter the new user to be added to your database.
Step:7 Enter Username and password and then click Create User.
Step:8 Now the new user has been created. Now we have to link this user to our database.
Step:9 Click Go Back link
Step:10 In Add User to Database, Check to make sure the correct user and correct database are selected here.
Step:11 Now that the username ofthe hosting account abc123c has been added to the beginning of both the user and the database, with an “_”underscore between them.
Step:12 Click the submit link.
Step:13 In MySQL Account Maintenance, Click All Privileges to assign all privileges to the user and then click Make Changes.
Step:14 The user has been added to the database.
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