Step:1 In Files, click File Manager icon.
Step:2 This is the File Manager interface, you can use File Manager to upload files to your account, delete files, change file permissions, and several other functions.
Step:3 On the left is a collapsible list of folders in your account. eg. /home/abc123c
Step:4 Click the + icon inĀ  home and select public_html. While on the right is a list of all files and folders within the folder selected on the left.
Step:5 In the public_html folder where your website files (html pages, gif images,etc) must go
Step:6 For demonstration purposes, let’s upload a sample cgi script to the cgi-bin folder in the account.
Step:7 Click the cgi-bin folder icon and then click the Upload icon in the above tab.
Step:8 In the Upload files window, Click the browse button.
Step:9 Let’s upload the test_scriptl.cgi file. In File Upload window, select the file and click open.
Step:10 Click here to return to the main File Manager screen (Back to /home/abc123c/public_html/cgi-bin)
Step:11 Success! The file has been uploaded to the cgi-bin folder in this account.
Step:12 Now click on the new file test_scriptl.cgi.
Step:13 There are several things you can do with this file manager. Eg. Copy File, Move File, Delete, Rename,View.
Step:14 Click the Change Permissionsicon in the above tab.
Step:15 In Change Permissions window, You can change the permissions of the file you are working with. Let’s go ahead and change the permissions.
Step:16 Set the permission as 755 and click change permissions button.
Step:17 The permissions of test_scriptl.cgi have been changed.
Step:18 Now let’s move this file to a different location.
Step:19 Click Move file icon in the above tab.
Step:20 In the Move window, Enter the location where you want the file moved to .. and then click Move Files.
Step:21 The test script has been successfully moved, and is no longer in this folder.
Step:22 Click Delete file icon in the above tab.
Step:23 If you want to delete the files then select yes in the delete window.
Step:24 The file we originally uploaded, and then moved, has been successfully deleted.
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