How to use the backup feature in CPanel

To create a full backup:
1. Click backup in the Home page
Now >> click >> Full backup on the second page
2. Select the destination for the backup files. You have 3 options:
a.You can store files in your directory on your Web server by selecting >> Home
Directory from the dropdown menu.
b.cPanel can also use FTP or SCP to store the files on a remote machine. To do this,
complete the appropriate information and select the method of transferring files from          the dropdown menu.
3. If you want to download the file to your computer, go to the next step.
4. Click on Generate Backup
a. If FTP or SCP has been used, an email will be sent to the email address you specified
at the beginning of the process.
5. To download a copy of the backup file on your computer, click the name of the file in the backups available for download
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