Step:1 Setup HotLink Protection, so people can’t link directly to images in our website.
Step:2 In Security, select HotLink Protection icon.
Step:3 Hotlink protection prevents other websites from directly linking to certain files (typically images) on your website.
Step:4 You will want to prevent this if you have copyrighted images, or to simply save on bandwidth usage.
Step:5 In HotLink protection window, make sure your own sites are listed here, so you are able to hotlink to your images.
Step:6 In Extensions to allow field, Enter all the file types you want protected here (eg. jpg,jpeg,png)
Step:7 In Url to Redirect window, enter a url you want to redirect to, for anyone who tries to hotlink to your files and/or images.
Step:8 If you want someone to be able to manually enter the URL of a protected file, check allow direct requests box here.
Step:9 Click the submit button.
Step:10 You are successfully enabled hotlink protection.
Step:11 Only the websites listed in Allowed Referers below can hotlink and for the file types shown in Protected Extensions.
Step:12 click Go Back
Step:13 To Disable hotlink protection, simply click the Disable button here.
Step:14 HotLink protection has now been disabled.
Step:15 Go to Home.
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