Step:1 In Mail, click the Forwarders link
Step:2 There are currently no forwarders setup in this account… Let’s set one up
Step:3 Click the Add Forwarder link.
Step:4 Here is where you add a new email forwarder, also known as an email redirect.
Step:5 In Address to Forward field, Enter the email prefix.
Step:6 If you have more than one domain in your account (an add-on or a parked domain), Choose the one you want to create here.
Step:7 In Destination, Enter the forwarding email address (where you want these emails sent)
step:8 click the Add Forwarder button.
Step:9 that’s it. the new email forwarder has been created.
Step:10 Now when people send emails to, those mails will automatically be redirected( or forwarded) to
Step:11 Click the go back link. There you can see the forwarder we just created list here.
Step:12 You can delete existing forwarders by clicking delete in Functions.
Step:13 By click Add Forwarder, we can create additional forwarders.
Step:14 Note: In addition to setting up email forwarders, you can also setup domain forwarders so that all email sent to addresses within a domain would be forwarded to a specific email address. By using Add Domain Forwarder link.
Step:15 Go to home.
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