Step:1 In advanced, click the cron jobs icon.
Step:2 There are two ways to setup a cron job in cPanel … an easy way and a hard way.
Step:3 Let’s choose the easy way.
Step:4 Select the Standard button in cron jobs window.
Step:5 In the Standard cron job manager, scroll down.
Step:6 Every time a cron jobs runs, the output (results) of the cron are sent to an email address.
Step:7 Enter the email address where you want the cron results sent in the email address filed.
Step:8 Now you have to enter the command of the script you want to run, including the path (from root).
Step:9 In this case, we’re going to run a script called clients.cgi which is located in the cgi-bin directory of this account.( the username for this account is abc123c).
Step:10 Enter the command in the command to run field.(eg. home/abc123c/public_html/cgi-bin/clients.cgi)
Step:11 Now we have to specify the timing of this cron, i.e. when and how often we want the script to run.
Step:12 In this case, we want the clients.cgi script to run at 12:00am (midnight)on the first Sunday of each month.
step:13 In Minutes, select 0 for the exact minute the cron is to run(on the hour)
Step:14 In Hours, select 0=12 AM/Midnight for the exact hour the cron is to run.
Step:15 In days, Select 1 to have teh cron run on the 1st day of the month.
Step:16 In Months, Select Every Month so the cron runs every month.
Step:17 In Weekdays, Select Sunday so the cron runs every sunday.
Step:18 Now click the save cron tab button.
Step:19 The Cron job has been set and will now run every Sunday at 12:00 AM Midnight
Step:20 Click Go BAck link.
Step:21 Click the standard button.
Step:22 You can return to this screen if you ever want to edit or delete an existing cron job..
Step:23 In Entry 2 you can set up additional cron jobs.
Step:24 If you want to delete the cron job we jsut created, just click the delete button in entry 1.
Step:25 Cron job was deleted.
Step:26 Go to home.
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