Step:1 In Advanced, clcik Error Pages icon.
Step:2 There are several different error pages you can customize. In this, we are going to customize the 404 error page.
Step:3 In Error Pages window, select the 404 link.
Step:4 This is Where you create your custom error page. You can include one or more tags to further customize the page. Requested URL and Redirect Status Code.
Step:5 You can also use HTML tags in ypur page, thus making it easy to match the look of your error page to the rest of your website.
Step:6 Now let’s create our custom 404 error page in the insert field and then click the save button.
Step:7 Your custom 404 error page has been created.
Step:8 click Go back.
Step:9 You can customize any of  the other listed error pages as well.. but don’t have to if you don’t want… all accounts come preset with standard error pages.
Step:10 Go to home.
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