Create An Auto Responder In Cpanel
Step:1 Click the Auto-responders link in mail.
Step:2 In Auto-responders window click Add Auto-responder link.
Step:3 Inside that window Enter email address for which you want to create an auto-responder.
Step:4 If you have multiple domains(either add-on or parked domains), be sure to select the correct one for your auto-responder.
Step:5 Enter the form details, as you want them to appear in the From field of your auto-response.
Step:6 You can enter your own subject in the subject field, or just leave the default setting.
Step:7 Under normal circumstances, you should always leave this setting to us-ascii.
Step:8 You have the option of sending your auto-responses in HTML format.By default it will be send in Plain Text.
Step:9 Enter the body of auto-response in the body field.
Step:10 Click the Create/Modify button.
Step:11 That’s it Auto-responder has been successfully created.
Step:12 In Auto-responders window, from here,
>you can create additional auto-responders,
>edit existing ones
>delete them altogether
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