Step:1 In Domains, select Addon Domains icon.
Step:2 There are currently no add-on domains listed. Let’s create one.( Specify as NoAddon Domains are configured)
Step:3 In Create an Addon Domain, Enter New Domain Name in your main account where this new do,ain will be pointing.
step:4 then enter a new password for this new add-on domain.
step:5 click on the Add Domain button.
step:6 that’s it the new add-on domain has been created, and its website files should be uploaded to the directory.
step:7 A new FTP account has also been created for this add-on domains lets go back and take a look….
step:8 click on the go back button and click on the home icon.
step:9 scrolldown then click the FTp Accounts links.
step:10 there it is the new FTP accounts that was automatically created for the new add-on domain,
step:11 lets go back to home and select add-on domains from Domain tab.
step:12 lets remove the add-on domain from the account.
step:13 by clicking remove button we delete the add-on domain.
step:14 if u want to permanentally delete the add-on domain then click the yes button.
step:15 the add-on domain was successfully removed.
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