Step:1 In Files, select FTP Accounts
Step:2 FTP Accounts is the page where you manage Your FTP accounts.
Step:3 Scroll down. In there you can see, there are several FTP accounts already setup. Most were created when your hosting account was setup.
Step:4 But we are going to create a new FTP account.
Step:5 In Add FTP Account, Enter a Login name and password for new FTP account in the corresponding field.
Step:6 If you leave /demo in the directory box, then the user of this FTP account will only have access to the /demo directory, and all folders under it.
Step:7 To give the user access to the entire website, delete everything except the forward slash”/”.
Step:8 You can put a quota limit on this FTP account if you wish.
Step:9 Then click the create button.
Step:10 That’s it! We have successfully added a new FTP Account.
Step:11 Click the Go back link.
Step:12 The new FTP account we just created is shown in the list here.
Step:13 From here you can delete existing FTP accounts by clicking Delete icon.
Step:14 Edit the FTP account properties(quota, password,etc)… by clicking change password and configure FTPClient.
Step:15 Or create a new FTP accounts click create button.
Step:16 Go to home.
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