Step:1 In Domains box, click subdomains icon.
Step:2 Under Create Subdomain, Enter the prefix of your new subdomain in the corresponding field.
Step:3 Click the Document Root field to brings up the default directory for subdomain.
Step:4 Click the create button. You have just created a new subdomain.
Step:5 In doing so, a folder called demo has also been created, which is where you upload your files for this subdomain.
Step:6 Its located in the public_html directory, and can also be accessed like this:
Step:7 Click Go back link, in there new subdomain we just created is now listed there.
Step:8 Although not necessary for the subdomain to work(it’s already working), you can also grant virtual FTYP access to the new subdomain… U would do so from FTP Manager incPanel
Step:9 Go to home.
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